• Kirsty

Avoiding common mistakes when choosing your kitchen.

A kitchen is an important part to your home, and it is important to get it right when designing the space. It can be a huge investment, that if done right, will add value. But it is also important to think of the finer details and how you plan to use the space, as kitchens can last at least 10 years.

Here are a few points to consider when designing your new kitchen:-

  1. Dating Designs- A lot of people like to work with the latest trend, as tempting as this is, there is a higher chance of your kitchen dating quicker. Try sticking to more timeless/classic choices, for e.g a neutral shaker is always a beautiful option. You can change your accessories/paint etc to then work with the look you want to achieve at that time, whether it is the colours of your walls, or the chrome/brass/copper finishes etc. These are items easier to change and cheaper.

  2. Budgets- Starting with budget is a good place to start, along with a plan of what is needed from the kitchen. This will help avoid over spending, especially on certain pieces that are unnecessary or impractical. For e.g a laminate wood effect worktop is more cost effective and practical in some instances than solid wood. So make an inventory list and see how you get on with incorporating the things your really need.

  3. Amount of Worktop Space- Never underestimate the amount of worktop space you need. It is important to think about how you will use the space, and where certain areas like prep space, washing space, eating space and placement of appliance will work.

4. Storage- I certainly find this important as I hate clutter. Thinking about what you need to store, especially when you have children, as there are extra items that take up space like lunchboxes, bottles etc. Also, creating clever solutions to hide pieces away like a coffee machine with all your pots/cups, could be hidden in a cabinet that rolls or lifts up. Defiently use every bit of space you can.

5. Lighting- Following on from a blog we did before, it is important to use your lighting right, keeping it functional but aesthetically pleasing. Think of direct light for prep areas, brighter lighting for an eating space like dropped lighting over a bar. Plinth and under cabinet lighting which could be dimmable to create a softer feel. Not forgetting pendants/dropped lighting that creates a focal point.

6. Power Sockets- Its good to have plenty of power sockets, obviously not too many all on view. It is important to think about where appliances will go, big and small. Then solutions like pop up sockets can be incorporated for if the space is also used when using laptops/phone charges etc.

These are just a few things to consider when it comes to choosing your kitchen, but I would always recommend speaking to a professional about what you would like and how you use the space. Designers can help you see something that you didn't see yourself.