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Benefits of Artificial Plants & Flowers 

I personally love plants and flowers in the home, whether artificial or fresh, bringing outdoor elements indoors is important. Plants have especially become even more popular in the last couple of years.

Artificial plants and flowers are not as they once were, with some carefully selected pieces creating a more authentic feel. From the detailing with stems and leaves to the vibrant colours that don't fade in the sun.


Throughout the seasons of the year artificial flower colours can be used to bring in warmth or brightness. From deep toned ruby red tulips or bright yellow daffodils, they bring an added pop to a space without being too much. With winter here, we are waiting for those beautiful colours to come out now in Spring, but bringing in a bit of colour with an artificial plant can reduce that gloomy feel.

Elegant white hydrangea flowers...


No need to water, worry about plant feed, knowing if the plant has the right amount of natural light... simply wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust and it looks as good as new. No empty vases or finding something to replace a vase of flowers before you can get a fresh bunch, or researching how to keep that plant alive.


At first an artificial flower or plant may cost a little more but this will last for years, whereas fresh will need constant replacing.

I would recommend using both artificial and fresh flowers and plants throughout your home. Your artificial flowers and plants for all of the above reasons, mixed with fresh giving you the natural fresh scents, bringing that natural outdoor feel inside. The best thing you don't need to be an expert with plants to keep your home up to date with nature.


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