• Kirsty

Benefits of using an Online Interior Design Service

There are many reason to use an interior designer to design your home. Even though many people may think that interior design can be costly, in the long run it can help you save money, as many people make the mistake of buying items that have caught their eye but not taken in to consideration co ordination of items, and the size. So nine times out of ten certain items will be purchased more than once, and may also not have the benefit of being returned.

Online interior design also offers more benefits-

  • One- off fees- The benefit of knowing the interior design fee upfront, is that you can be sure that these fees wont blow your budget. Its a fee that covers all your concept designs, mood boards, visuals and floor plans, also all correspondence with your designer.

  • Flexible- You don't have to wait for a meeting with your designer which could take time and a day out of your schedule. All correspondence is done through email which gets picked up from early hours to late hours. So ideas and feedback back will be responded to quickly.

  • Quicker Turnaround- We can potentially turn your design around quickly, as we know that sometimes schemes need to be done on a short timescale. We can offer the service to get everything ordered for you to take all the hassle away from your design.

  • Sourcing- Keeping to a budget can be important so knowing that the service is a one-off is a bonus, but we will also then source the best priced items so that you get the design you want in the budget you want. We also offer a discount of our products when using the interior design service.

The benefit Ka Interiors has is that we offer three different packages to suit your needs. This way you know you're not paying more than you need to if you just need assistance with those finishing touches. We can be as hands on or off as you need us to be.

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