• Kirsty

Get Cosy with Ka Interiors

Ka Interiors dining room design ready for winter

With the cold weather drawing in, we now want to feel cosy and warm in our homes. The use of colour and tones mixed with textures and materials really help bring warmth into a space.

Whether you look to do a full redesign of your room of just finishing touches we can help. But here is a few ideas to bring a little cosy into your home.

Floors- If you have hard floors they can have a feeling of cold to them in the winter so why not add a rug whether patterned or textured, rugs help to keep a space warm and warm under feet.

Colours- Maybe you don't want to re paint or change your furniture, look at your accessories in a room, bring in bronze tones and deeper colours, whether they are warm earthy tones or greys with subtle hews of stone or taupe in them to feel warmer than a blue grey.

Accessories- As mentioned with colours, bringing in bronze/antique brass, or more matt finished items help to create a softer feel than a high gloss or chrome finish. Bring in candle holders and lantern to light your candles, bring in cushions and throws for textures and colour.

Lighting- Floor lamps and table lamps are a lovely addition to any room throughout the year, but especially in the winter, having a softer light than a full room lite really creates an ambient setting.

Curtains- If you do want to push your scheme, curtains keep a room feeling cosy in the winter, especially fabrics a little heavier and again bringing colours that will warm through. You can also have thermal lining or interlining added to your curtains which will help reduce the cold. Interlining helps create a heavier looking curtain too.

So just a few details can change your room to a more cosy space for winter.