• Kirsty

Getting the Light Right...

Lighting plays an important part when designing your space. There are few points to look and think of when it comes to lighting a space.

Large soft grey table lamp
Calming corner lit with large table lamp

  1. Use of space- Think about which room and the use of a room, is it a space for eating, working, relaxing as you wouldn't want the same amount/strength/colour of light for all these spaces.

  2. Helpfulness- Partially going back to how you use the space, think how/what kind of light could help you in different spaces. i.e. study/office, great to use lighting that can be directed to help at a desk/chair. Kitchen, brighter lighting like spotlights, when preparing and cooking, with additional under pelmet lighting to make worktops clear to see.

  3. Less is more- Keeping a constant style throughout your home keeps a lovely flow, which is appealing to the eye. Its better not to chose too many colours or materials especially when designing open plan, keep it simple. Remember lighter tones can keep a space feeling a little more open and brighter, and darker hues can give a feel of warmth and luxury.

  4. Layering- I think layering is certainly important in interiors, as we use a space throughout the day the type of lighting needed may change. Thinking about ceilings firstly, is it a space needing spotlighting, what about a feature light over a dining table? Bringing your eye down from the ceiling to a point of interest. Pelmet light, to show off alcoves? Wall lights, bringing in softness of the light to create cosiness to the room. Table lamps and floor lamps, not only can bring an added detail/touch of personality but create a softness to the space, filling the room with warmth, these having an advantage of being able to be repositioned too.

Dimmer switches are also great, as they can give you flexibility, especially if you have a multipurpose room, creating an quickly and effective way to bring warmth and atmosphere to any room.

Need a little advice to how to light your home? Please drop us an email and we can see how we can help...