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Importance of layout in Interior Design

I always explain to client how starting with a layout is the initial stage and a fundamental element to designing a finished balanced space. Knowing how the space is used and what a client requires from their space gives key information for an interior designer to create a solution to meet their needs. It is important to mix the functionality of a space with the aesthetics to create a room that will work well.

Kitchen dining space by Ka interiors, South Wales

We as Interior designers, will ask clients questions like, how many people use the space and how they spend their time using it, also, what they would like to achieve from the space. For example, you may have a small lounge and need storage, we can help create clever storage solutions to keep the space feeling open and less cluttered, combined with the right size furniture arranged in a way to show the best potential of the room.

Selecting Furniture-

I have seen this many times, where unfortunately clients have liked a pieces of furniture, but have not thought of the sizes and layout before purchasing. This leads to furniture either being too big and taking over the room, or furniture too small looking as though it does not belong. Therefore, layouts before purchasing anything helps to stop impulse buy mistakes, showing clients the bigger picture of all the items in the space.

Creating Balance-

A word I like to use a lot 'balance'. It is important to create a balanced space, with the use of layouts and finishing touches you can create a room that feels balanced. From the sizing of furniture, placement, lighting and finishing touches used in the correct way will bring a room together, and stop rooms feeling partially finished, or over crowded, with one side of a room dressed and another left empty. All areas should have similar volumes of pieces, whether furniture or dressed with lighting, plants or sculptures etc.

Classic bedroom design by Ka Interiors South Wales

Are you unsure how to achieve this in your own home? Pop us an email at to see how we can help create a balanced, well laid out space.

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