• Kirsty

Making an Entrance

A lot of the time an entrance hall is forgotten about as it is not a space we will use to sit and relax, and very rarely a place that is used to socialise. I think it is important to make the most of an entrance into the home whether it is grand, or a small corridor. Using wallpapers, paint colours, flooring and lighting as a base will straight away make a world of difference. You can spend as much or as little to making a beautiful space, using colours to brighten up or to make a space dramatic. The use of mirrors and reflective surfaces can create a larger space or reflect light if you do not have a vast amount of natural light. You do not have to use pattern to make the space have interest, using a mixture of textures create a beautifully elegant finish. Why not contact us today for more details and how we can help design a beautiful entrance hall for you.

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