• Kirsty

Making Glam

As well as mixing fabrics and textures to create depth and detail, adding trimming can help create a little glamour to your soft furnishings. There are many different types of trimmings around now like these beautiful beads, you can create whatever style you like, these should not be portrayed as being a traditional addition as this is not the case anymore.

Ways to use:-

Cushions- Whether piping the cushion with a contrast or coordinating toned trim, or a panel down the front whether middle or sides. There are different types of trims from ruffle edge or a panelled trim with a pattern these sit lovely with a range of fabrics to sit on your sofa or bed.

Blinds- Across the base of the blind, trim can make a beautiful addition, they don't have to be large bold trims, they can just be simplistic to finish off and give a little more detail to what could be a plain blind.

Curtains- Having a leading edge or some kind of trimming on the inner edge of the curtains can break up textures and help bring in a pop of colour or more detail.

Pelmets and Upholstery- There are ways to create more of a unique look when it comes to upholstery, where its the types of trims/beading you use for colour/texture, or the use of studs and buttons to create something that reflects you.

Why not drop us an email and see what ideas we could provide you with, to create a unique design for you.