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Making the best from your home office...

With 2020 being a year we wasn't expecting, more people now work from home. With this is mind we need to think about the space we work in, as this can impact the way we do things, and how we do it. Below are just a few things to consider when it comes to your home office:-

1. Keep Organised-

Having an organised un-cluttered space is an important part to your office. I find that if things are out of sight and organised, your mind is purely thinking about the work at hand.

2. Plants-

I have mentioned before how plants are such a positive to any home. There are many benefits to having plants from helping you to relax and reduce stress, but let's face it they look great too.

3. Lighting-

As I have also mentioned in a previous post, lighting is so important. Having a desk lamp that can be moved and can be redirected to focus on certain areas is great for an office. Along with natural light.

4. Natural light-

Bright rooms are great for offices, studies have shown that natural light can benefit in positivity and productivity. Position your desk to make the most of this natural light, if possible away from looking at a wall.

5. Mirrors-

The use of a mirror in the office helps to reflect the natural light throughout the space. As mentioned above, if its not possible to arrange your desk, this is a great way to bounce light around.

6. Artwork-

The use of some forms of artwork can help stimulate the brain. If you use art that promotes kinetic energy, so pieces that suggest movement have been suggested to help increase energy

Home office, natural warm calming tones.
Home Office

As well as these points, the furniture you use and how you dress this also has a great impact on how you feel in your home office. If you feel we could help you with this just pop us an email. #interiors #interiordesign #interiordesigner #homeoffice

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