• Kirsty

Not just a landing

The landing is just as important as any space, it is also a great place to make the most of all those family pictures you have but don't always have the space anywhere else.

The use of deeper tone on the walls also helps to be durable, as lets face it whether you have kids or not or even a pet, walls going up the stairs can get marked quickly. Whether the space is large or small you can dress it accordingly. For example, these simple picture shelves are great as they aren't as deep, and you can dress them with a few small plants or even candles and a diffuser. Also if you have a window whatever the size, try something a little different like this blind with belts for detail, bringing in fabrics to the area to create texture, or maybe you could bring in some pattern if you want more of a statement. Having the bright white woodwork with these tones really makes it look crisp and clean, and also contrast from the dark tone grey of the carpet which makes it practical in any occasion.

Need help with a space contact us today! As this is classed as finishing touches it would only be £90 for a scheme, providing you with a mood board and a shopping list of all the products.


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