• Kirsty

Remembering to dress your window.

Sometimes windows are dressed to do a job and block out sun in the evenings. But the way you dress your windows creates an impact on the room. If you like a modern clean lined look, you could look at a silentgliss metropole with a wave heading for simplisity. Even a straight lined pelmet with a stunning fabric, as pelmets cover a track and if you keep them simple and straight they give an amazingly stunning feature. Pelmets are also good if you are looking at other styles as they can be shaped and trimmed with fabrics that co ordinate with your style.

The choice of curtain headings and whether you use these on poles or on a track again create different styles to your space. For example a deep pinch pleat on a chunky pole creates an elegant classic look, maybe pooling the fabric on the floor too.

We can help you with all this as this is just the start of what you can achieve with dressing your windows. Including taking in to account the amount of natural light.

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