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  • Kirsty Bone

Small Changes To Create A Redecorated Look.

Not everyone wants to completely change their rooms, however, they feel that the space needs a change. Here are a few tips how to achieve a new feel to your home without making expensive changes.

Rearranging Furniture-

Many people buy furniture for a space that then stays where it is for years, however, having a move around with your existing furniture can really mix up a space. This includes incorporating and swapping pieces from other rooms, like an occasional chair or side table. It is surprising how a little move around can make a difference.

Curtain Poles/Tracks-

Sometimes this is an area overlooked. How we dress our windows can make a room feel a certain way. Hanging a pole or track higher and wider than the window helps create the feel of a wider and taller space too. Especially great for those smaller rooms. Curtains from the ceiling give an elegant finish. You can spend as much or as little here, just because your raising a pole or track does not mean you have to spend a lot on creating this look.

Master bedroom in moss Green finishes


Large mirrors make great feature to a space. I personally like mirrors that have frames that may bring a space together with its tone, also working with the style of your home. They benefit with helping reflect light around a space, so also great for those dark rooms.

Neutral dining room design

Large Rug-

A change in rug, whether colours/textures or the size can make a difference. Choosing the right size and arranging your furniture around, and on it, can create areas to a space, great for open plan. They bring warmth to a space especially on hard floors, but still work well with carpeted areas too.

Small Details-

These are also often overlooked, a simple change of your lampshades (or even adding a trim), handles/knobs on furniture, your cushion covers, a throw. These items added or slightly changed, again creates the feel of a new space, without spending a fortune.

With a few little changes you can create a fresh new feel to a space. Whether incorporating old and new, or just moving what you have around your home.

If you're creative and crafty too, why not try painting old furniture that's looking a little tired.

Still stuck? We offer an online service which suggests a few little recommendations to spruce up what you have, and a couple of ideas of what to look to incorporate. Contact us to find out more.

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