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Tips when designing kids bedrooms

I love designing kids bedrooms, and it is important to think of various elements when it comes to a child's room. Here are a few simple tips to think about to still create personality and longevity, whatever the age.


Creating items like memory boards or keeping out little keepsakes is a lovely way to incorporate personality into their room. Even if we like to organise toys etc into basket/boxes, keeping a few items out on display can really make the space a child's own.


Children are forever changing what they like, so it's important to think about your key pieces, keep them neutral. This creates a versatile space to work with, so as they grow these pieces will grow with them, giving you a great base to create something to suit their age.

Kids bedroom


Creating different seating in the room, if possible, can create a suggestion of zones for a selection of uses. These can again grow with your child. For example an occassional chair for reading, or stools to use with a desk (drawing/homework/dressing table).


Pattern brings energy to the room and can allow you to go as bold as you want, whether it may be a wallpaper or range of softs. Pulling them together can create a playful look to the space if you co-ordinate these right, so do not be afraid to mix and match patterns and textures.


Playful print artwork is a lovely way to dress the walls. If you did not want to paint walls or add wallpaper, this is a way to bring a theme into the space. From animals to quotes in colours and even textures, with a range of wall hangings also being an option.

These are just a few things which will hopefully help a little when designing your child's bedroom. If you feel stuck why not use our interior design service to create a personalised design for your child.

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