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  • Why should I use an Interior Designer?
    Using an Interior Designer can help you bring a space together within your budget. With the expertise from an interior designer, and the creation of mood boards and visuals, it helps clients see the potential of the room and how items suggested will look, meaning less purchasing twice which gets costly. A designer shows the potential of the largest of items items to the smallest details in the room, they may create ideas and the best use of space that a client didn't see. You may need a designer for staging a house or even for full design, even to the point of knocking/moving wall space to create the best floor plan layout. Every element internally to create a flow throughout a clients home.
  • What's the benefit from using the online service?
    The online interior design service is great for keeping a low budget, as it offers the one-off fees with no additional extra fees like travelling, or room dressing. All communication is done through email, meaning a client can pick up information when they get the chance with everything in front of them. We also have communication hours of 10:00-20:00 weekdays, and 11:00-15:00 on Saturdays, so we get back to them quickly. We also send out a fab sample box that has the mood board, visuals, floor plan, samples and shopping list in. This is sent out after we have agreed online all the details and the client is happy. Samples are great to see in the room throughout the day whether they are fabrics, flooring, wallpapers or paint.
  • Do you only have certain styles to work with?
    No, we can work with any style, even if you are looking for a more unique look. As long as we can find out what your likes and dislikes are we work with the client to find the best design for them.
  • Do I have to use your products?
    No, we source items to help get the best items and prices for the client. If items are used in the design available from Ka Interiors, we do offer discount when using our interior design services.
  • How does the service work?
    Online- You choose a service which best suits your needs. We contact you with a few questions regarding your space, likes/dislikes etc. You send us pictures of your room and any images of things you like, measurements of the room, and pictures of items to keep. We start a concept, communicating through email with the client. Once initial ideas have been created using a mood board, we create visuals and a floor plan of the space. (Depending on service chosen) All the information gets sent to you by email (and post if full design service) with a shopping list of everything to order. ​ Home- We book an appointment with the client and spend about an hour or so discussing ideas, like/dislikes etc. We take measurements and photographs of the space. We create ideas using mood board, floor plans and visuals. (Contact for additional information through email/phone may be required). Appointment is made to come out an discuss ideas, any changes to be discussed. If changes are needed these get revised and presented at a third appointment. Once everything is agreed a client may decide to purchase items themselves from the shopping list or ask me to purchase and dress the space when all items have been delivered. ​ Clients may want me to oversee addition work like having the flooring/decoration/fitting done and discuss with tradesmen. (We do recommend a few tradesmen but not all, so we would be liaising with trades you find). ​ (Additional charges apply with the home service)
  • What information do I have in the end?
    Depending on the service chosen, it varies from a mood board to floor plan/visuals/shopping list/samples. We will provide each package in depth before you purchase our packages.
  • Do you purchase items?
    A shopping list is provided with where to get everything, if you did want me to purchase items there is an additional charge.
  • How much or little do you do?
    We do as much or as little as a client need. Whether they just want the design work to get an idea for the space, to being at their home and dressing the space.
  • What are the fees for online services?
    The fees online vary depending on which package needed, however, they are all one-off payment packages meaning this is the only payment you will make per room for the full package.
  • What are the fees for home consultations?
    The home consultations are charged at £50 every time we come to your home, if we are required to dress the final space or be their for contractors it is £50 per hour. This fee is on top of the one-off fee packages.
  • Do you offer discounts on more than one room?
    Yes, if you contact us to give us more information we can give you a quote for how many rooms needed.
  • Do you come out to dress a room?
    Yes, we charge £50 an hour to dress the room, if additional assistance is needed (putting furniture together, mirrors/pictures to go up) extra charges may apply.
  • Can I use some of my existing items within the design?
    Yes, as long as you send us picture and measurements at the beginning of the design that's not a problem.
  • What happens when I agree and pay for an online service?
    We will contact the client (normally within 24 hours) with a questionnaire for additional information to help get to know the client more. We progress from there with the design process as stated above.
  • What happens when I book a home visit?
    We will arrange a day that best suits, I will visit the clients home to discuss requirements and which spaces, take photographs and measurements. Then progress onto the design process as stated above.
  • When using the online service how will I know items fit?
    As stated in terms and conditions, we require measurements that are as accurate as possible so that we can draw a plan with the proposed furniture. We do however, give you all the measurements of large items so that you can also double check in your room. We also recommend you check before ordering that there are no restrictions when entering your home that will stop furniture from getting into the room required.
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