Open plan living room design

Interior Design

Here at Ka Interiors, we like to show that no matter the budget, we can help bring your home back to life. Whether its a reworking of your existing furniture and bringing in some new accessories, or, a full redesign with flooring, lighting, furniture and finishes. Our one-off fees help to ensure you that we have no hidden charges when using our services, whether online or locally.

Our Qualified interior designer will help as much or as little, whether you would like to incorporate our product or not, we do not mind. We also like to use small local businesses like our self, and well know companies that many may like to go to. We offer bespoke services to make a space that little more special to our clients too, from headboards to cushions.

online interior design services

Online Interior Design Services

Packages starting from just £90, with the addition of an inspiration board at only £50. We have services that will help all, whether you may be looking for some finishing touches, or a full redesign. We have one-off fee packages that will help you stay on budget, all from the comfort of your own home.

Local Home Services

We like to provide a down to earth friendly service that can help as much or as little as you may need. You can involve us at the beginning of a redesign too, we work alongside Andrew and James Partnership in Cowbridge, who can help with extensions, planning permissions and building regs, and we can help with the layouts/dressing. We can also help if you just need a little tweak, but not sure how to achieve it. 

Contact us for more information about how we can help with your home, as we can also provide curtains, cushions and sourcing of furniture too.

We can also dress homes/stage show homes to take away the stress of the whole project.