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Autumn's Coming...

As the evenings start to close in, with evenings getting darker earlier, we look to our homes to gives us the feeling of cosiness and warmth. The importance of many things comes into to play when looking at our homes to give us this feeling. Lets explore what we are starting to see in the world of interiors as we enter Autumn, especially the little hints into 70s influence within interiors.

interior getting ready for autumn


At this time of year we look to hit those warmer tones in our homes, coming away from more vibrant colours we see in summer reflecting brightness. The colours and tones we use throughout our home plays a huge part in how we feel in the space, and at this time of year we think of comfort. Deep rich earthy tones, bring in this warmth, whether incorporating terracotta, mustard and burnt umber with, yes a colour making a come back, brown. These tones hint what we see around us this time of year with the leaves changing and colours becoming more earthy. These also look back at some of the 70s trends with many of these colours being popular, as well as shapes you will start to see used more in accessories, especially vases.


How we light our space is as always, important, there are a lot of sculptural shapes available incorporating some beautiful textures, which we are also seeing in other parts of interior decor at the moment. Being bold and creating a statement is an amazing way to adding more personality into your homes, remembering how we use our space with different styles of lighting. I personally have always loved lamps, I think these create a warm cosy feel, especially in the evenings. There are again, a lot beautiful lamps available at the moment, with their organic shapes and textures.

Textiles and Texture-

As always, textures are an important part in any interior, they are the key to creating a beautiful balanced and layered design. Fabrics we are seeing within interiors are some beautiful corduroy, quilted, boucle fabrics, fabrics that are heavier and tactile, with a lot of fringing detailing too. These textures again bring in the warmth, rather than looking at lightweight linen and voile style fabrics in the summer.

As well as in fabrics, we see a lot of natural textures in accessories and furniture, with natural woods, rattan, seagrass as well as stone, rough surfaces.

Warwick Boucle Fabric
Warwick Boucle Fabric

Curves and Pattern-

Curves are making an appearance again too, a little less straight lined and little more subtle organic shapes, this is said to create a cosier feel, with a sense of protection that encloses the space. As well as these soft curves, certain patterns like gingham are being introduced but not in the traditional way, in a brighter bolder style.#

I think the main idea for creating a beautiful cosy home this Autumn, is to layer those textures, bringing in those warmer 70s colours and adding lighting to suit the space. Looking at softer natural shapes incorporating curves in furniture. You do not have to change your whole room, you may just need to incorporate certain elements, if you would like our help with this, then pop us and email to see how we can help.

We have some of these beautiful items available, and we source more pop onto our online shop to have a look at some our stunning accessories.

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