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  • Kirsty Bone

Bold and Beautiful

With a more unique trend certainly being seen across social media at the moment, and one I love to see, as our homes should be something unique and personal to us. One area to create a great start of something bold if you're a little afraid of deeper tones and bold wallpapers is the small forgotten rooms, for example the w/c. We will cover just a few things to push your uniqueness by starting small, and creating a space which balances style and function.

Adding Art-

Bringing artwork small or large will help to reflect your personality as well as add interest to the space. This can also create a connection to the rest of the home, as this space can often be left to feel forgotten and lost.

Bold Wallpaper-

With wallpaper you can push the maximalist look with larger busier patterns and ranges of colours, and don't be afraid to use dark colours to create a dramatic space that creates an impact for visitors.

Galerie bold wallpaper
Bold Wallpaper- Galerie, Flora Collection


If you're a fan of panelling, as I am, then this is perfect to incorporate into your w/c, this too helps create a connection with the rest of your home. With a range of styles of panelling to choose from, incorporating this feature creates a warm, homely scheme, that stops the room feeling cold or isolated.


Here is another way of creating a unique focal point, experimenting with shapes and sizes, patterns and colours. This can create a piece of art on its own. If the space is small push the pattern to the floor tile and create a texture on the walls to avoid a feeling of being enclosured.

Bold feature tiles
Appleton Brooks- Florence Petal

Other ideas to consider incorporating into your design could be floating surfaces to create a space feeling airy that doesn't overcrowd. Also, metallic finishes for the luxe look that may stand out from the bold colours.

Overall, a w/c is certainly a great way to start your confidence to creating a more unique home and something a little bolder. The way colours, pattern and texture can be used to bring personality, will hopefully help you visual the same mixture throughout your home.

Still feeling a little lost how to create this, or maybe struggling to visualise everything together, why not see how we can help you bring it all together, pop us an email at and Kirsty will get back to you.

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