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  • Kirsty Bone

Interior Trends for Summer 2023

For this summer, you may already be seeing some new trends along with some older ones, which I personally love to use within interiors. With natural materials and tones, bringing the outdoors in, and a splash of a bold bright colour.

Bringing Nature In...

We are seeing a lot of decor reflecting nature with its colours and form. Bringing in curves and softer edges, with neutral tones with some beautiful shades of green. Along with these forms, tones and textures, the use of foliage is very popular. Bringing plants like ferns in for summer are a particular hit, along with your fresh herbs that bring in an amazing aroma.

Natural Materials...

Working along side bringing nature in, materials such as fabrics are used to create layers throughout the space. In summer, the light and airy feel of fabrics like linen and cotton are great. They give an organic sense and flow beautiful when there is a breeze from open windows. As well as fabrics, rattan and bamboo, along with light/warm wood tones again bring in this natural element and a more relaxed feel throughout the space.


A pop of colour is always something I am personally a fan of. Tones of certain colours can reflect an inspiration of the idea of summer, so brighter tones are generally seen as you see the blue sky, the sun, and brighter looking sea, along with all the flowers and trees growing. However, pastel tones also work during the brighter months, and create a more tranquil, subtle style.


For sometime now we have seen a lot of neutral interiors, these are all beautiful, however, personality is key. It is so important to bring your personality to your home, whether it is a collection of something, a colour or pattern you love, or an item that catches your eye and brings inspiration with tones and shapes. We all live differently and use our houses uniquely, and this is something we should bring into our homes, otherwise it will never feel like somewhere that should be special/relaxing/homely to you.

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